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What is an AC window unit and what service does it provide at home or office?

Air conditioners come in a range of styles, and that includes window air conditioners. But what does a window air conditioner actually offer compared to normal models, and why are window units a different thing in the eyes of most sellers and customers?

What is the difference between window air conditioners and regular air conditioners?

The most obvious difference between a normal and a window air conditioner is the way they are installed. A window air conditioner is placed against a window, as the name suggests. However, a standard air conditioner is often more powerful in terms of BTU, either due to better fan speeds or a more energy-efficient design. 

This is because wall models are more expensive and meant for large rooms, whereas a window air conditioner is meant for smaller spaces that require a lower BTU rating. Window models have a much easier installation process but move cold air slower due to the reduced air flow and cooling power.

Their noise level is also more dependent on where they are set up. Cheaper window ACs might rattle, making them less quiet, but more expensive ones are designed to be quiet in general. They are usually mounted on window sills but use a range of different systems (from unique control panel designs to u-shaped inverters and special compressor systems).

When is a window air conditioner better?

In a smaller room, an AC unit that mounts onto windows can be cheaper and easier to install. They provide a good level of cooling control for a smaller unit or space but stop working as efficiently in larger areas. 

Modern window air conditioners use newer technology, such as Wi-FI enabled compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This can mean hands-free heating controls, LED display control panels, or even additions like Frigidaire app compatibility. However, some cheaper ones are basically fan-only models designed to keep a room cool. 

This can be great for a small bedroom or office or any area with a low room size. Even on a hot day, a cheap window air conditioner on the window sill could be the perfect air conditioner for that situation. Each model of window air conditioner units is going to be different, and there is not a single best window air conditioner out there. 

All of them will offer different designs (ash wood rounded corners vs. a forest green square unit), temperature management levels (the amount they can cool in British Thermal Units, a higher BTU meaning higher cooling), and individual pieces (such as a filter head that you may need to replace every so often).

Whether you want low BTU cooling on a quiet night or a cheap energy-saving model for bad weather, window air conditioner systems can be useful. Choosing between brands like Frigidaire and Energy Star comes down to things like their heat management in BTU, their cover, and any additional features (such as a slide-out chassis). While they are not usually your central air conditioner, a remote control window AC system can be a very worthwhile purchase.

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Window AC Unit

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