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Why you need an AC annual inspection and what to expect

Your AC system is a core part of your home, and that makes an annual AC inspection very important. But why, especially if you have only had your air conditioning unit for less than a year?

Why Is an AC inspection important?

An AC inspection by a proper HVAC technician is more useful than you might think. While it is partially about keeping your HVAC system at peak efficiency to save money and get the best cooling possible, yearly inspections are also about keeping you safe. A system that is working properly is incredibly important in any home.

Broken HVAC equipment is not just inefficient (which pushes energy bills higher) but potentially also dangerous. Exposed ductwork, a lack of annual maintenance, issues with any limit, and safety controls - all of them can be a serious cause for concern.

If your air conditioner fails, it is not just going to be worse at cooling. The quality of the air in the system can drop dramatically, putting allergens and harmful chemicals into the air that your HVAC unit is unable to filter out. In some cases, the electrical components might break and become dangerous, or the unit could experience carbon monoxide leaks.

What happens if your air conditioner fails?

An air conditioning system is meant to offer three things: a heating system, a cooling system, and a way to improve air quality. Damage means that they tend to use more energy, require costly AC repair work, and may randomly suffer a major temperature drop.

Even something as simple as not changing air filters or maintaining suction line insulation can result in awful air quality. Major damage could lead to dangerous electrical systems, gas leaks, the inability to stay cool in hot weather, or a lack of ways to stay warm in a cooling season.

Why do inspections of air filters matter?

Annual inspections of your air filter are important. While elements like the condensate drain, compressor amp, and condensate pump are also important, you really need to focus on the filter for priority service.

A damaged filter allows almost anything to pass into your home, especially through air leaks. This can lead to dangerous chemicals or allergens flooding your house, and if the fan motor is still running, it can be hard to actually stop that flow.

Are broken AC units dangerous?

Not all AC damage or poor maintenance means danger. Something like a damaged drain pan or drain line is more minor than a poor compressor amp draw. However, any damage to electrical connections (such as a condenser blower motor amp) or a major piece like an evaporator coil could become dangerous.

I think my AC unit is damaged

Whether the system is indoor or outdoor, disconnect it immediately and set up an HVAC inspection today. Make sure to discuss the following services you might need before committing to a complete inspection since you want to be fully prepared for the worst.

Any part of your HVAC system can break, from the condenser fan motor amp to the supply registers. While not every kind of damage is a major risk, it still helps to have peace of mind and know that you are safe.

Annual Inspection Services Includes:

Our Team Are Well Versed In The  Following Vital Home AC Annual Inspection System Jobs:

  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Air conditioner replacement
  • Duct cleaning & installation
  • Air conditioner repair
  • Ductless split AC systems
  • Ductwork installation

AC Annual Inspection

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